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I only just found out what this was

it wasn't worth finding out.

Nov. 8th, 2010

straighten up and fly right
after my first day of uni the only problem is i cannot sleep here.

it does appear to be quite the problem though.

otherwise all is not too bad, with the possible exception of me being inept. and hungry.


(there goes the ninth ambulance tonight)

i like it here in the day though

Sep. 16th, 2010

Living in the UK means i rarely see US news. the other day i did and i feel the need to mention that keith olbermann is worth noting. although i imagine americans know this anyway.

on a side note, he DOES hate O'reilly a bit much, which runs illusions of impartiality (although maybe everyone else doesn't hate him enough?)
have highly demonic dream in which i brutally attack someone

wake up smiling

Writer's Block: Something like that

What is the BIGGEST lie you've ever told?

"I love you."
"if they don't make the effort with you they don't deserve your effort"

Jul. 15th, 2010

i've finished a film treatment and theres such a small chance it might get made. i could have my name on a film's credits.as writer, editor and 1st assistant director.
this pleases me intensely

Writer's Block: More than words

Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

"And ive got to beat my woman until i get satisfied"- Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues


hit and miss few days

worried about an exam but am distracting myself becuase i just can;t do the revision- it'll be ok though- and then it's over and i can relax a lot. i really want a summer barbecue- im thinking of holding a mini festival in my garden, i just need to find someone who plays live music for free amongt my friends :) (there will also be a film portion)

but other than that, im a little low- but it'll pick up, especially because the girlfriend has been especially nice lately.

but then again, She also suggested i wasn't sane and seemed serious, so thats a worry- but i'll bounce back. i imagine this is just exam stress, i'm looking forward to the day after when i sleep in, then eat and watch my favourite films then possibly invite friends around for a bad film night

it'll go well:)

IN OTHER NEWS- i did by first ebaying and now own a 16mm casper the friendly ghost cartoon.


I shouldn't have

studied psychology. just because i did a little better in it than politics i decided to carry on with this. mistake. Fair enough, i thought i'd be bored by american politics due to it being irrelevant to me but holy hell- psychology isdull. sleep is an especially dull topic. as is gender and aggression.
it's basically things That don't take much working out but with 30 studies attatched to each dull dull point.

why did i reject thee, obama?


 haven't done much this entire week

BUT THAT'S OK (right?) Because i had an eventful weekend last weekend

Friday- i had my last ever day of school, came home briefly and changed, went back into the village my school is in and drank with some friends by the river (slightly spoiled by there being other people there). it was really lovely though and we had one of those crappy disposable barbecues that are always so dissapointing :). two of my friends got too drunk though so i had to walk them to the house of one of them (an i was  a little drunk myself) so eventually three of us got there and after the mother of the person whose house it was made us pasta we went to sleep in his room. sadly the girl with us ripped her jeggings (a fun word but not the kind i can get away with saying) so had to do aay with them and she was also drunk so wasnt THAT modest. luckily she borrowed some 'jorts' (jean style shorts) from the guy and we were set. sleep was good and in the morning she played hungover classical music (and ragtime for some reason) on the piano.

Saturday. as i've said, the morning was at  my friends home. then i got the bus home, relaxed and recooperated (basically, good shower, clean the teeth well, nice cup of tea and some toast and lots of sitting and radio 4) then i get a call from the girlfriend who suggests going somewhere so we pop into local town. do a spot of shopping and i buy some damned good cd's book's and a tape of a radio show i enjoy. i then go home and sit some more until getting the train into town and seeing the gig of a friend. he is supporting a BRILLIANT guy (and two other, so-so bands) but this guy was fantastic, he invented all but one ( a dobro) of his intruments and was very charming., he even played one of my requests and was generally a great stage presence. a good time was had by all and i got to see two old schoolfriends in the crowd who it was nice to chat to. additionally my friend who did the gig was playing with a keyboardist (who normally does double bass but this was a favour) who i got talking to and he was a very nice person. we bonded over a love of a jazz musician (infact several) and then we talked about sega megadrive games. :D

Sunday-nothing much, i imagine, save listening to the cd's i bought and planning a barbecue. i think i also watched a film and made myself some food but nothing fascinating compared to the previous days. if i recall there was a lot of radio 4 and a lot of vague, half planning a barbecue (that went averagely, this wednesday). went on a walk with the girlfriend also.

this song was on one of the cd's and it's not especially good but the guy's vocal was nice, i thought.

EDIT> afterthought, doesn't tennessee earnie ford have a nice moustache

well there you have it.

I've just listened to an album i bought from a charity shop and one of the tracks affected me more than, i think, any song before. well worth the £2. i don't think anyone i am friends with on here would like it though

additionally, i have left school

well, there we go.

Look's like a coalition(or similar anyway) government. it's exciting in a way.

i do feel sorry for Brown, however. he looked very human when resigning. say what you like about him, he's a likable man. the point is, it'll be interesting to see him on the back bench.

oh yeah, also cameron is now the prime minister, this doesn't bode well, on the world stage we will look like a bunch of giant forheaded twats with eton accents, neighbours on the rich list and a hatred for the poor.

A week IS a long time in politics

ah well, at least i got to vote


I'm very confused

I keep going from one mood to another and this is irritating me (luckily the irritated mood will doubtless change...). I am happy to furious to crestfallen to bored within about an hour and a half sometimes. othertimes this takes a few days but still, i wish i could be a bit more constant, im sure it's my fault somehow but the point is it irritates me a bit.
still, mustn't grumble- the only obstacle this really places in my way is how i relate to others, being completely on or completely off with someone with no real reason but im just not in the (fucking) mood.

however, despite this my long-suffering girlfriend and i seem happy and good. this i enjoy. I, of course, worry about this a great deal and worry my own shortcomings will ruin things. also lately a few things have been bothering me but it's mostly just because of the aformentioned emotional flip-flopping. in most circumstances all is well.

in other news ive wasted another beautiful weekend, although i did cook my sister a birthday meal with satisfied results. i also bought an audio tape thing by peter ustinov, a man i am now committed to researching entirely.

and now for the picture round:

Sir Charles Chaplin (then just "Charlie Chaplin) on the burnt out set of the film the circus, looking despondant. it's a beautiful photograph but i don't know why. it's also deeply sad.

anyway, heres to a great week. i get to vote on thursday (im still a floating voter i think, though have told several canvassers to leave me alone [and one to fuck off] so that's mostly my doing rather than the parties' inadequacies in swaying me)


am listening to tapes a lot lately. currently a rolling stones best of thing. very worn so has this odd fluctuating noise to it.

i still maintain tapes are better than cd's though.


I thought i would mention that, although i'm not, i'm actually quite happy at the moment.

things are going well (as well as can be expected and still be real) and i've had some wonderful days lately. yesterday especially. live music by a new favourite of mine and the last (and oddest) dirty harry film in the evening.  I think i might be in a special good mood because I was mightily troubled a few days ago and the world managed to not fall down around me. things are still a little awkward but everythings working and, as i've mentioned, i'm pretty happy.Yesterday i bought 4 (VERY cheap) albums. three are fantastic, one is hit and miss- still its not bad at all.

things are going well, today i finished filming
the only slight hiccup is my sister is stuck in turkey, but she seems to be enjoying herself so.... huzzah
 for you pleasure, orson welles. oooold orson welles.

any questions feel free to ask.

p.s. i saw a great animation earlier about katzenklaviers and i reccomend watching it

fact of the day:

I have no idea how to pack. also i have no idea what to pack and i am going to die in a foreign country (travel insurance shmavel insurance). so far i have three pairs of jeans, a shirt, a jumper and a scarf.

I worry.

Writer's Block: 420 friendly?

A number of U.S. states are planning to legalize marijuana. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, and why?

i certainly do. mainly because i hope this will then inspire britain to follow suit. that way university will be worry free

super kawaii


and they say "don't you just love asian culture?" and i, of course, agree

and they say "aren't things so much nicer over there?" to which i respond positively

then they offer me some pocky and i tell them, sadly, that pocky tastes like crap and i have to go.



passive aggressive mother is passive aggressive

of course of course,

of course he knew, you fool, there was no way he couldn't, really.
still, that's that dealt with

because this is basically a note to self, here is a picture to make up for it

that's dedication to a favourite film

For no particular reason other than forgetfulness and having better things to do (that adult content won't watch itself) i've neglected shaving. currently,  i look like an idiot. i think im going to continue like this until i can see a valid reason to locate my razor.

also, in non beard related news- i am relieved by one or two things and most things are going to plan (ish).

also, i enjoy this comic. it amuses me


things aren't going perfectly.

i've got the house to myself next week (ish) which is nice but there are a few problems that are meaning this isn't lifting me up as it should.

filming has taken a severe blow and i need to smarm my way out if it by either buying my film teacher a bouqet or taking full creative control and annoying the hell out of my partner.

also i'm generally a bit nervous at the moment. worried about things too much

however, i'm quite happy in general. everything CAN be worked around and i recently had my birthday party (which was grand) whilst i was wearing a suit (which was nice but a bit cheap) and with grand music (the bassist....jesus christ).
furthermore, i am listneing to audiobooks lately to send me to sleep and deargod it works.


This man is just fantastic. when i get despairing about the state of music, i listen to this man. jesus fucking christ, i bought an album with this on yesterday and it's the only version i would put as as good as the original.

lady gaga ain't got shit on this

edit: also, this video is fun for celeb spotting.


i am an adult.


bored and not revising so...

i thought i'd tell you about my film. in other news i am quite well.

 Read if interested in filming, specifically in relation to my upcoming epicCollapse ) 


p.s. photos on request XD

Edit: the photos have been requestedCollapse )

two things

i have, for the past few weeks, been working ona  film and i think it's going quite well. technically nothing has been shot but it only being a short film i thinki can do it in four days if the cast are co-operative.
im astonished i have a cast, i feel so important and necessary and whatnot. i hope it goes well and i hope to post that, as well as the youtube to my previous film, here if anyone is interested.

part of the above leads me onto the other thing on my ind (thereare actually a lot of things there, but i ignore the bad ones). i am turning eighteen soon. i can smoke, drink, enter strip clubs, gamble, be a pedofile and all manner of fascinating things. and my mother has planned the single greatest birthday celebration of all time (inb4 kane west)

Tyler is content and would like you all to know that (even though im still nervous about a lot and i am very hot and cold, for now i am well)
best wishes

allow me this brief interlude


sorry about that, people are just pissing me off at the moment, which is a shame because up until about an hour or two ago i was enjoying a really great day.

i can make nice food, by the way, and i reccomend trying to cook well


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